Thursday, May 29, 2014

Making the dull bits interesting

David Bethune

Begs the question: are there any dull bits? Probably around the room, different people will give different answers. Key point is that we have to get pupils enthusiastic about our subject.

{Curses! Lost my notes from the first half of this session while looking for a cartoon.}

Concept cartoon to stimulate discussion. Should be no right answer, or at least no obvious right answer. Could set this as discussion starter or ask pupils to produce a concept cartoon. Here is our attempt:

We then passed on our carton to another group and they added to our concept cartoon.

Could then role play concepts produced. Could use this in a flipped classroom style. Perhaps look at cartoon at home and come in with discussion, research, ready to talk about it.

How do we develop investigation and reporting skills? E.g. Software Design & Development Outcome 3: "Produce detailed report on... Current trends in the development of intelligent systems" Should allow choice of topic.

Don't forget about SCHOLAR which has animation and interactive bits, CSI, and How Stuff Works. The BBC news technology section has some nice articles that can generate interest. {Computer news and Technology cool wall? -- DDM}

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