Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Computer News

A former colleague told me about Weekly Computing News where, once a week, she shared some technology related news item with her Computing classes. I thought this was a brilliant idea and so shamelessly ripped it off when I started my new job here at the High School. I did fairly well for a year but it fell apart this session and I only made it up to Christmas before dribbling to a halt. Determined to do better next session, I thought I would try to get a couple in before the end of term.

I used to print out the presentation and post it outside my classroom ("print out"? How old fashioned!) but I realised if I converted it to a Google presentation, I could post it on our VLE. As an added bonus, I thought I could post it on my blog too (another much neglected project) and therefore hopefully manage at least one post a week through the school term.

So here is the first of the blogged Computer News items from session 2014/15:

As part of the presentation, there is a link to a BBC page with a short video which I showed in class as well as speaker's notes which give a bit more detail. There are also two QR code links at the end which give my primary sources. (The links are a BBC news report and an article from Wired magazine.)

Let me know what you think of the idea and/or the news item chosen. Would you like to see more?

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