Saturday, November 26, 2011

Fun On Friday #129: QR Code Picture

You need a facebook account if you want to play with with today's toy.

Go to the Intel Visibly Smart facebook page and create a QR Code that links to your facebook page with a picture of your choice as the background to the QR Code:
Interesting... but probably works better with some pictures than others.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Fun On Friday #128: Oolite

Another link from the student who directed me to ClassDojo. (And another very late Fun on Friday.)

It also links to a previous post: Fun On Friday #97: Retro Gaming because this week's fun is provided by an open source attempt to bring an Elite style game to modern machine. It is called Oolite (for Object Oriented Elite) and looks to be pretty close to the original. Elite was an awesome game with a great mixture of arcade style shooting, tactics and trading. Frustrating and elating in more or less equal measure.

Docking was always tricky, but here's a video tutorial that may help:

I have played the new version and found docking to be just as tricky and frustrating as I remember... but I am ridiculously pleased to say, I did it on my second attempt. How many goes does it take you to get your docking skills back up to speed?

Saturday, November 05, 2011

Fun On Friday #127: TweetPortrait

What do you give the Twitterati who has everything this Christmas? Thanks to Computing's BackBytes and How to look like a total tweet! you need wonder no more!

As BackBytes says: "...a picture made up of all the exciting things you’ve said on Twitter printed very small, making it simultaneously very profound and entirely meaningless."

Purchase your TweetPortrait at Firebox

So who will you get one for?