Saturday, November 26, 2011

Fun On Friday #129: QR Code Picture

You need a facebook account if you want to play with with today's toy.

Go to the Intel Visibly Smart facebook page and create a QR Code that links to your facebook page with a picture of your choice as the background to the QR Code:
Interesting... but probably works better with some pictures than others.


John said...

Hi David,
An fairly easy way to do this for any site
Generate B&W QR code
open it in image editor, I used Fireworks 8 (last really cheap for edu one)
put image in layer below
I selected all white on image and change to black
Size image to same as qr layer
select black on qr layer and delete
export as gif
took about 2 minutes

David said...

Hello John

I saw you had done one for EduTalk Radio. Thanks for explaining the process.

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