Friday, March 26, 2010

Fun on Friday #65: Algorithm March

This video is great fun. If you are bemused with the start, stick with it until about one minute in when the Ninja's arrive!

Loads of possible applications in school: teamwork, basic programming, dance, ... and just having a great time.

Edonis interview

I was talking to David Noble today as part of his research for the Edonis project. I think that, at some point, the interview will appear on the edonis ipadio page. I hope I make sense!

I told him that I aimed for at least two updates to this blog a week. This week I failed.

So before I post a Fun on Friday, I thought Id cheat by posting this. Does that make me a bad person?

Friday, March 19, 2010

Fun on Friday #64: Dinner, dinner, dinner, dinner...

Holy comic generator Batman, what are we going to do this week?

Fun on Saturday. Sorry - late again.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Glow Community Building

Attended a Glow meeting at the Stirling Management Centre today which was interesting for a number of reasons - not least of which was that it got me more enthusiastic about Glow than I have been for a while.

Normally, when at a meeting like today's, I would either capture notes live in a Word document or in a live blog. Today though I decided to use Twitter instead. I think it worked. capturing and reporting in short burst was useful. I wasn't distracted by thinking how to phrase stuff for the blog or sidetracked by pfaffing about with formatting. Also, some live interaction took place by tweet which is not easily achieved with a blog post. However, the problem is that I now have a series of disjointed Tweets instead of a coherent, archived, record of what went on.

My task for tomorrow is therefore to try and pull all my Tweets, supplemented with comments from others, into a coherent, blog post.

See you tomorrow... maybe!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Fun on Friday #63: A Kaleido-what?

A kaleidocycle! No, I hadn't heard that word before either. I think, however, that I've seen the device. It's the sort of thing that they give away in cereal boxes.

Originally uploaded by dasjabbadas
It's sort of a cross between origami and a Rubik's cube. Four photographs, folded and stuck together so that you can twist and turn them inside out apparently endlessly.

The construction is fairly tricky but this Make Your Own Kaleidocycle website makes it as easy as possible.

First of all, it lets you choose four photographs, either from a collection the site provides, or uploaded from your own collection. Then, and this is the really clever bit, the site cuts the pictures up into bits, reassembles the photos into a net of the kaleidocycle and then puts them on a page along with instructions on how to put it together.

The paper based instructions are good but you can also watch a slideshow of someone putting it all together.

Great fun and stunningly impressive!

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

EduBlether: A quick update

The first ever EduBlether took place on Friday. (See The Glasgow Gathering has a name.) A small but select band gathered and put the world to rights.

Con is helpfully posed to allow you to photoshop yourself into the picture.

We discussed, among other things, Glow, CfE, iPods, films, random Powerpoint, bosses... and knitting.

The Easter holidays make finding a date for an April EduBlether tricky, so we've decided to make the next one on Friday the 7th of April May. See you then?
{Oops! There's no EduBlether in April, so I give a date in April. Silly Me! Thanks to John Johnston for pointing this out.}

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Fun on Friday #62: Swedish Advert

I think this is a genuine advert but it's one you can personalise. Stick with it until about half-way through to see how it has been personalised:

I hope you agree with me that it is stunningly well done. Could you use this in school or is it just a bit of fun? Either way, you can make your own at this Swedish advertising site.

I'm just back from the first Glasgow EduBlether and I've been thinking a fair bit about the up-coming TeachMeet Student Edition - Glasgow, so it seemed appropriate to use an image of Ewan McIntosh for today's fun on Friday. Helpfully, Ewan has made a number of publicity shots available on his Flickr account, so I used this one. Thanks Ewan - I hope you don't mind.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

The Glasgow Gathering has a name

I mooted the idea of having a get together in Glasgow to meet up with people that we normally only see virtually through blogs and Twitter etc. (See A Glasgow Gathering for details.) At the time I suggested a date but didn't have a location or a name.

With one night to go, we now have both a name (thanks to @CPDScotsman) and a location:

Name: EduBlether
Location: The bar of the Radisson Hotel, Argyle Street (See Google Map for location)
Time : 5:00 pm
Date: 5th March 2010

So if you fancy a blether, come and join us.