Friday, March 26, 2010

Fun on Friday #65: Algorithm March

This video is great fun. If you are bemused with the start, stick with it until about one minute in when the Ninja's arrive!

Loads of possible applications in school: teamwork, basic programming, dance, ... and just having a great time.


David said...

I had three tweets and a re-tweet about this post...

@DavidDMuir great example need to try the Scratch bit now i'll get back to u on that :)
12:42 AM Mar 27th via web in reply to DavidDMuir

{I challenged her to program the algorithm march in Scratch!}

@DavidDMuir That algorithm march is so funny. I want to teach it to the kids - they'd love it.
1:12 AM Mar 27th via TwitterGadget in reply to DavidDMuir

@DavidDMuir love the Algorithm March
10:45 AM Mar 27th via web in reply to DavidDMuir

RT @johnjohnston: @DavidDMuir love the Algorithm March - very strange...
11:44 AM Mar 27th via TweetDeck

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