Friday, March 12, 2010

Fun on Friday #63: A Kaleido-what?

A kaleidocycle! No, I hadn't heard that word before either. I think, however, that I've seen the device. It's the sort of thing that they give away in cereal boxes.

Originally uploaded by dasjabbadas
It's sort of a cross between origami and a Rubik's cube. Four photographs, folded and stuck together so that you can twist and turn them inside out apparently endlessly.

The construction is fairly tricky but this Make Your Own Kaleidocycle website makes it as easy as possible.

First of all, it lets you choose four photographs, either from a collection the site provides, or uploaded from your own collection. Then, and this is the really clever bit, the site cuts the pictures up into bits, reassembles the photos into a net of the kaleidocycle and then puts them on a page along with instructions on how to put it together.

The paper based instructions are good but you can also watch a slideshow of someone putting it all together.

Great fun and stunningly impressive!

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