Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Glow Community Building

Attended a Glow meeting at the Stirling Management Centre today which was interesting for a number of reasons - not least of which was that it got me more enthusiastic about Glow than I have been for a while.

Normally, when at a meeting like today's, I would either capture notes live in a Word document or in a live blog. Today though I decided to use Twitter instead. I think it worked. capturing and reporting in short burst was useful. I wasn't distracted by thinking how to phrase stuff for the blog or sidetracked by pfaffing about with formatting. Also, some live interaction took place by tweet which is not easily achieved with a blog post. However, the problem is that I now have a series of disjointed Tweets instead of a coherent, archived, record of what went on.

My task for tomorrow is therefore to try and pull all my Tweets, supplemented with comments from others, into a coherent, blog post.

See you tomorrow... maybe!


don_iain said...

You should have hashtagged it, and set up a TwapperKeeper archive!

David said...

I'm ahead of you with the hashtag but didn't think it through on the TwapperKeeper front. I should have chosen a unique hashtag since robthill already has a Twapper for the #glow tag. It seems, however, that it picks up who he follows and therefore misses some of yesterday's Tweets that I saw.

Statistics Tutor said...

Twitter has been of great use in the recent past... esp at Haiti.

Do you have anything to say about Google BUZZ? Can it be as effective as twitter? Or is it entirely different?

David said...

Hello Statistics Tutor

The reason I don't have anything to say about Google BUZZ is that I've never used it. One of a number of new toys that are on my "When I Get Round To It" list.

Any other readers able to offer an insight?

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