Tuesday, March 09, 2010

EduBlether: A quick update

The first ever EduBlether took place on Friday. (See The Glasgow Gathering has a name.) A small but select band gathered and put the world to rights.

Con is helpfully posed to allow you to photoshop yourself into the picture.

We discussed, among other things, Glow, CfE, iPods, films, random Powerpoint, bosses... and knitting.

The Easter holidays make finding a date for an April EduBlether tricky, so we've decided to make the next one on Friday the 7th of April May. See you then?
{Oops! There's no EduBlether in April, so I give a date in April. Silly Me! Thanks to John Johnston for pointing this out.}


john said...

Hi David,
Sorry I missed this. sounds like some good topics of conversation.
Are you sure about the date for the next one?

David said...

Silly me! Thanks John. Post now edited to show Friday 7th May!

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