Saturday, November 07, 2015

Playing with Trinket

Trinket is an online code development environment. You can create and run python programs, html/css, blocks (Scratch-like programming environment), music, and something called Glow-script (creates 3D stuff). I can't see how to save html stuff, but it says you can embed them. If that's right, here's a knock, knock joke:

You can save python programs... and this might embed a simple ASCII art example:

Will need to play more with Trinket to see what else it can do.


Assignment UK Help said...

I am trying this out on my little Trinket.

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Kapil Chandok said...

Trinkets go just about anywhere. Similar to YouTube videos, you can embed or link to them from your class website. Get your students all on the same page with the interactive examples that demonstrate the concepts you're teaching.
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