Tuesday, February 22, 2005

You got a friend.

...Well more accurately, I've got a friend. I have already mentioned David Warlick's blog (and it's listed in the Education blog links at the side of the page here) but his latest post gives me a mention! {Unfortunately he doesn't mention me by name, nor link back to my blog (scunner!) but... I take it all back the post has been edited and I get a name check and a link back! Thanks David} I am the "friend in Scotland" he mentions in his ANT Enough! post.

I emailed David to ask if it was OK to include his photograph in my blog. (He said, "Yes!") Within minutes of sending my email he had replied. I don't know how long I've been using the Internet, but the speed of response sometimes still gives me a wee thrill. (...I know, sad geek!)
Smiley face
Blog-->Podcasts-->ANT-->? It reminds me of my experiences as a teenager when I used to go hillwalking. Every time I thought I'd reached the top of the mountain, I raised my eyes and there was another peak above me. There's always a new technology to play with!

Ah well... further up and further in!

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