Monday, May 02, 2005

Differentiation: It's a dog's life!

We went to Glasgow University Veterinary Medical Association's Rodeo on Saturday. It was brilliant and we were sorry we didn't get there earlier. (We were too late to register Blue for any of the competitions or clearly he would have won the Dog judge would most like to take home class!)

A flyball boxOne of the events we saw was a flyball demonstration. (There's a fairly duff photo of it and some other pictures from the event on my Flickr account.) They used a British Flyball Association style box which is different from the ones I'd seen at Crufts. What impressed me was it has two holes - because your dog may be left or right handed! It hadn't occurred to me that dogs would have a preference like this. I thought it was brilliant. Doggie differentiation!

Dog getting ball from flyball box I've included a couple of photos in this post. The one with the (left-handed?) dog is from the Tayside Road Runners flyball team as I think they were the people doing the demonstration at the rodeo.

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