Monday, November 28, 2005

One student at a time...

I asked for your help in a previous post to try and find ways to convince my students to take up blogging. Well, three students took up the challenge. Unfortunately, after a great first post, the first student has never sent another message. The second student to start made some really interesting posts and even attracted some good comments... but then decided to leave the course. However, the third student is still going strong and doing well.

At the moment she is most concerned about... guess what? I'll tell you in a minute, but I suspect you wont be surprised. I think she'd be really pleased to get some comments from someone other than me - especially if she could get some comments from real teachers!

So please visit the To Probation And Beyond blog and give her some advice/support/encouragement. However, I should warn you her blog is very pink. I mean very pink! You have been warned.

Did you guess what she was concerned about? Yes, it was classroom management. From my online chats and student's emails, she is not alone. I suspect that encouragement and suggestions on her blog would help not only her, but all the students that are reading her blog too. Thanks in advance.


Chris said...

I'll go have a look - does a recent escapee from the classroom count as a "real" teacher? One thing's certain - I have more time and energy for this sort of thing now that I'm no longer giving off the psychic energy needed for my particular brand of classroom management!

David said...

Well, you're more "real" than me, I'm sure Lesley will be well pleased to get feedback from an experienced teacher.

LesleyJ said...

Thanks David for getting other teachers interested in my blog. I do appreciate all the help I can get, and I think I can never get too much of it.

I have been telling my friends that I have been getting lots of comments (even from India) and they are still confused as to what blogging is.

Funnily enough, even before I set up this blog, I set up one by accident. I was doing an assignment, and stumbled accross I set one up not knowing what it was. So I have two blogs, but one is non existent.

I am about to have my last crit of the term. I had a bad dream that it went badly. Here's hoping it was just a dream.