Thursday, December 15, 2005

You know you are a teacher when...

I saw a couple of these pictorial questionnaires recently and thought I'd have a go at one for teachers.

You know you are a teacher when...

You have an overwhelming sense of nostalgia when you see one of these:
work in sapporo originally posted by puss_in_boots

...but most days, you encounter one of these:
Interactive Whiteboard
chad originally posted by cathycracks

You don't automatically fear a group like this:
Teen Hangout originally posted by tomswift46

...but start to panic at the thought of completing yet another one of these:
Report Card
First grade report card originally posted by yksin

When you hear the word "dinner" you don't think of this:
Candlelit dinner
birthday dinner originally posted by chiboulette

The word "dinner" makes you think of this:
Turkey Twizzler
Twizzler originally posted by Rob Lyons

You think this man is a hero:
Jamie Oliver
Home page background image originally posted by Jamie Oliver

... but you struggle to recognise the person in charge of education in your authority/district/country:

Clowning around originally posted by Impactmedia

You forget to eat at the weekends because you don't hear one of these to tell you it is lunchtime:
School Bell
School Bell originally posted by Sisters of St. Francis

It's not this bit of exams that worries you any more:
Exam room
1138 originally posted by rosschapman

... but the marking bit scares you silly:
checking papers... originally posted by adlaw

Your automatic response is, "Oh, dear. Oops-a-daisy!" when you see someone slip and fall on this*:
Icy path
icy trail originally posted by Sr.Mike

*True story! Primary teacher friend of mine said this to a chap that fell over and landed, painfully, on his backside in front of her. She was bending over to help him up when she saw the look on his face and decided it would be safer to hurry on past!

I'm sure you can suggest other tests. Send me your ideas.

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Chris said...

...or when you get on a bus and sit upstairs, at the front (this is a Glasgow Corporation bus circa 1972) and soon become engrossed in your book. You become aware that the noise level around you is rising as the bus fills up. Suddenly, you leap to your feet, turn round and roar at the startled occupants:"Will you be quiet!"
.... this wasn't me (I throw up if I read on a bus) but a colleague, long ago, in the now defunct Woodside Secondary.

David said...

Hee, hee! A colleague of mine did something similar in a cafe. She stood up, told them to stop throwing their food about and sat down again. The whole place was stunned into silence and the teenagers behaved impeccably for the rest of their time there. :-)