Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Isn't technology wonderful

Well the marking is done, if not yet dusted, and I'm feeling demob happy. I had promised to do a post on blogs in education, but that will need to wait for another day. In the meantime, I thought I'd make a couple of posts on something a bit lighter.

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I've bought new headphones for my iPod (see Mr Potato's picture for full details) and everything is sounding great. When I got it at Christmas, I thought I'd choose some of my favourite CDs, rip them at the highest quality and then add some others at a lower quality until it was full up. Well after I'd uploaded all my favourites, I had barely made a dent in the storage capacity... so I just kept on ripping CDs at the highest quality. Finally, last night, I managed to fill just over half. (So is it now half full or half empty?)

It has been a fantastic trip down memory lane, re-discovering CDs I'd more or less forgotten about. For example, I thought I didn't like U2's Achtung Baby, but listening to it again, I think it's just that it ends badly. If it had been an album rather than a CD I suspect I would have played side one repeatedly and chosen it as one of my favourites... however, even on an iPod their Pop album is still dire!
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I now have pretty much put everything on my iPod that I want to listen to... and probably some stuff I don't. After many weeks of CD ripping, my CD collection, which according to my wife the English teacher takes up a ridiculously large space in the lounge, now half fills a tiny box. Isn't technology wonderful!

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