Tuesday, April 04, 2006

A new addition

Colin and Blue
Colin and Blue,
originally uploaded by DavidDMuir.
We have a new puppy! After much "discussion" we decided to call him Colin. Blue loves other dogs, but having one invade his home is a new experience for him. They don't look overjoyed to be together in this photo, but in general they seem to enjoy each others company.


Anonymous said...

Hello David.

This has been a bit like Pinkerton's detective agency work!

I edit the GTCS magazine Teaching Scotland and our next edition is on new media. I have found Ewan McIntosh and John Johnston and tracked down Struan in Highland who will all be contributing. I would really like your views too as to what student teachers now need to know in terms of technolgy and its use in the classroom. Would you write for us?
This is a great area and I know teachers will be very interested in what you have to say.Let me know what you think! Glenise

Duncan__ said...

But let's get back onto the subject of Colin. (Are we to assume that you'll be naming a new puppy after everyone in the PGDE class?!)

David said...

Hello Glenise

I'd be happy to write something for you and I'll contact you as soon as I find an address or phone number.

Hello Duncan

"Are we to assume that you'll be naming a new puppy after everyone in the PGDE class?!"

No! Only the ones I like. :-) However, we seem to be naming our dogs in alphabetical order. When Archie died we got Blue and now we have added Colin. If we ever get another dog, you might be in luck! (Or we could just call him David to save confusion.)

Morag Macdonald said...

Will Colin be getting his own teddy bear? Looks like a wee cutie!

David said...

At the moment they are "sharing" Ike - I hope his seams are up to it! :-)

marlyn moffat said...

What a lovely boy, such soulful eyes! Colin of course! Can I lift the pictures to show the children at www.talkingteds.blogspot.com because they feel as though they know you and Blue now? Popped in to visit you last week. Was up doing the chartered teacher thing and thought I might pick your brains, and show you one or two other educational computing projects on the go here, if they might have been of interest. Anyway think its about time you bought Colin a ted of his own to identify with. Go on splash out!!

dave said...

Have you placed his profile on www.dogster.com ? It's social networking for our pets

David said...

Hello Marlyn

You can show your pupils as many pictures of Blue and Colin as you like. (Proud "father" syndrome!) Colin may look lovely, but I suspect he will grow up to bully poor Blue... Ike may not be Blue's teddy much longer. :-(

I'd be happy to meet/speak with you any time. Give me a phone (or I will try to find your number) and we can try to arrange something.

Hello Dave

Thanks for the dogster link. And thanks for the "wwwwtools for teachers" link from your blog to the "Sharing Photographs and Other Still Imagery" article... I can feel a blog post about this begining to form...

OLi said...

If he starts making Zany faces when your taking his photo don't be worried its just a thing! I'll speak up for all those other people out there suffering attention seekers Hyperactivity Syndrome!