Saturday, May 13, 2006

Pupil Blogs/Student Blogs

A quick follow up to the A numpty's guide to classroom blogging post and then some student blogs...

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Firstly, I came across a good summary of blogging classroom practice. I though might be of interest to any students still thinking of setting up a classroom blog. Excellent Classroom practices from Mr. Fisher from Vicki Davis pulls together posts from a number of places that explore some of the hows and whys of classroom blogging.

Secondly, some PGDE(S) student blogs. We had a wee flurry of blogs set up in various bursts of enthusiasm. Only a select few are still blogging, but I thought I'd post them all here even if there hasn't been anything posted in a while. If you think any look interesting, send the student a comment and see if you can inspire them into posting some more. Here they are in no particular order...
Have I missed anyone?

Some of them looked very promising but most have tailed off - being a student teacher gets a bit exhausting at times! I hope a reasonable number keep them going through probation and beyond (to borrow a phrase).

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Duncan__ said...

Thanks for the free advertising, David. I see from my wee ClustrMap that I have a visitor in Baghdad (!) and a couple in the States. An international audience makes it more exciting!

David said...

Hello Duncan

Despite your early scepticism, you are one of the students that seems to have kept blogging (albeit intermitently). Why do you think you have stuck with it? Is the "international audience" part of the reason or is it something more personal?

Duncan__ said...

Partly obligation -- I said I'd do it, so dammit I shall!
But secretly, I quite enjoy sticking some comments "out there" and seeing if anyone will respond.
And, in the Probation year, I suspect it will be a welcome means of staying in touch with Andy, Stuart, Lesley, ... and, yes, even Colin!

David said...

Ah yes... "even Colin". :-)

Mr McSwan said...

i'm with Duncan on this one, thanks for the free advertisement!

I's been nice to see what everyone has been up to while on placements, you should make the blogs mandatory for next years lot!