Friday, August 18, 2006

TeachMeet: Acting the Goat

I cannot tell a lie... The only reasons I suggested The Goat as a possible venue for a social event on the TeachMeet wiki was because it said it offered free wi-fi and, more importantly, because it was close to the Ashoka West End ...which is where I wanted to eat. :-) However, it looks like curries are out and The Goat is the venue of choice. Since I'd suggested The Goat, I thought I'd better check it out in case it turned out to be a dog!

The Goat
Outside The Goat,
originally uploaded by David Muir
I went in at lunchtime and it was reasonably busy. I decided just to go for a bowl of soup. (I think I've mentioned elsewhere that I am an old, balding, fat man. There's not much I can do about the first two, but I'm working on the third!) . There were two soups on offer Summer Sweetcorn and Red Pepper. I went for the sweetcorn even though the chap serving was unsure what distinguished summer sweetcorn from winter sweetcorn. :-) It was very tasty (although it could have been a bit hotter). More importantly, the portion size was reasonable. I hate these places that spend more time making food look pretty than they do putting it on the plate! A surreptitious glance round the room suggests that they give you decent sized portions what ever is ordered.

The Wednesday menu looks OK but is a bit limited. The weekend menu has a few more dishes. I wonder if they would offer us the more extensive choice if enough of us were coming or if we pre-ordered? Also, I don't know if we should be worried, but there's a sign in the window advertising for a full time chef! :-)

teachmeetbbb.jpgI took a few photos and posted them to my Flickr account. Have a look and let me know what you think. There's an upstairs bit that it says can be used for functions. I'll have a look at it before I go. I wonder if we could commandeer it for the post TeachMeet meet? I'll have a word with the duty manager before I go and see what she/he says.

I should also add that this blog entry and all the Flickr stuff was done via their wi-fi connection - which worked very well. I had a bit of a panic when I first tried to connect because it asked for a security code. However, when I asked, one was provided and even my steam-driven laptop managed to connect which it didn't manage at the Jolly Judge (scene of the last ScotEduBlog meetup)!

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