Saturday, December 23, 2006

Merry Christmas

Thanks to Mrs Blethers, I've just wasted some time throwing snowballs at Buddy the Elf (among others). I am ashamed to say that I was on my third go before I discovered that you weren't supposed to hit Santa!

Also thanks to Mr Tosh (Master Blethers I believe) I spent some time smashing sprouts and listening to versions of 80's pop-songs. Ah... happy days! :-)

Now, all I need is for Mr B. and young master Blethers to chip in with game suggestions and I'll never have time to make an educational blog post again. (Ewan tried to distract me with the Irn Bru advert, but I'd already seen it - thanks Ollie - and it's not a game, so that doesn't count!)

My own contribution to festive time wasting is this Grab a Gift game from Santa Clause 3. Enjoy!

Happy Christmas everybody

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Chris said...

David, I just beat Jack Frost hands down - I'm way too skilled at this nonsense to have any credibiblty at all.
The Blethers is full of progeny tonight - I'm trying to discourage them from blogging so that we can bond in a merry, festive sort of a way. Last time I had son 1 and son 2 together under my roof was all of seven Christmasses ago!

Happy Christmas to you and yours..

Kenneth... said...

David, it's not a Christmas game but it is enjoyable, try Hamsters. My record is a single flight of 555ft.

Kenneth... said...
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Kenneth... said...

Oh by the way, have a Merry Christmas. I knew there was a reason for popping into read your blog.