Saturday, April 28, 2007

TeacherTube: The best ideas are often the simplest

I wrote about TeacherTube in a recent post (Who are you calling a tube?). At the time I wasn't sure how useful it would be. Since then I've spent a bit of time looking at some videos and came across something that shows the value brilliantly. It's a series of short videos from a teacher called Jennifer Gingerich that demonstrates a great educational use of iMovie. She calls then Riddle iMovies and it is worth starting at Step 3 so you can see what she creates and then going back to Step 1 and Step 2 to see how easy they are to make.

It is a really simple idea that children will pick up easily. I suspect that if you demonstrate how to create one most children would be able to go off and have a go themselves with little extra help. As far as I can see you could use this idea to help revise just about any topic. Show children what to do, give them some graphics (or help them find their own) and in next to no time you have an exciting and useful activity that produces a class load of fun riddle iMovies. I love it!

I decided to have a go myself, just to check it's as easy as Jennifer makes out. Although my riddle (and picture) is fairly duff, I can confirm it is easy to do... and fun. :-)

Update: Rats! This was working last night... but my pictures are just flashing up and then disappearing now. I'll try re-saving at a higher compression and then re-post later today.

Update 2: Compressed it a bit more, uploaded it again and I think it's working now. Be honest... was it worth the wait?

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Anonymous said...

hey David! Just found your blog. Of course it was worth the wait! Margaret Sutherland

David said...

Thanks Margaret. And when are we going to see your blog?

Anonymous said...

Well yes I really should start one. I participate in quite a few.....maybe one day soon.......Margaret

Alan Y said...

blast I got it wrong :>(

Don't think anyone has found my blog yet - I am offering a prize to the first person to find it though :>)

ps its has no relation to work though I mention it from time to time.