Friday, May 25, 2007

TeachMeet Version 3.0

A quick post on the TeachMeet. What a good night. I didn't get to talk to as many people as I would have liked but perhaps I spoke to more people than wanted to talk to me. :-)

Ewan looks disgusted
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It felt more like the first ever TeachMeet that we had after eLive last year rather than the second one we had after SETT. This one was more Meet than Teach, whereas the one after SETT was more Teach than Meet... if you see what I mean. This may be in part down to the venue. When we were at the Jolly Judge we were in pub mode, so it was chatting and drinking, and when we were in Centotre we were in restaurant mode, so it was eating and chatting. Whereas, the previous TeachMeet started in a room which put us into classroom mode.

Both approaches have their advantages. I wonder if we could combine aspects of both if we ever have another TeachMeet? Perhaps we could meet in a room where people do a one minute "sales pitch", with no Powerpoint, to say what you can talk about and which corner you're going to sit in. People can then decide who they want to follow up and talk to. Would some sort of time limit for chatting be useful too in order to encourage mingling? What do you think?

Having said that, I'll repeat again... I really enjoyed the TeachMeet. I was able to share a couple of things, e.g. the wonderful ScanR service and, of course, the Tin Foil Hat song. I also learned a few things that I need to spend some time playing with. For example, I was directed to Salling Clicker, a really cool program that will turn a phone into a remote control for your computer, and I was invited to join Joost - an on demand, Internet based, TV service.

Great night, good company, new toys to play with! What more could you ask for?

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OllieBray said...

Hi David, Good to see you at Teachmeet. Now you’re a member of Joost are you able to offer out a membership? OB

AB said...

TeachMeet version 4.0 sounds like some kind of speed dating? (So I'm told, you understand!) Cool idea though - it's always a shame when you mis out speaking with some people that are there.

David said...

Hello Ollie

If I can find your email, I'll send an invite.

Hello AB

Spped dating? You've lost me there I'm afraid.

marlynmoffat said...

I can see where AB is coming from with the speed dating from my one step removed from it,because I very much enjoyed Teachmeet, but I would like to have worked my way round the table on a brainpicking exercise. A question for you, one for Ewan, four for John about practicalities, 3 for AB on feeds. And maybe I could have even answered some for the newbies. So..for me the classroom mode, to start. but most definitely the pub with wifi after, to do the bonding in a common cause thing. We could then have had more introductions and explanations and sharing of experiences. Good to be there, this time, though.