Friday, February 22, 2008

Go and see Gamerz!

I wrote some time ago (in Editing Wikipedia) about how I updated my cousin's, well technically my second cousin's, Wikipedia entry. I noted that the film Gamerz was not shown widely in the UK. Well, after some success in the USA, it will be shown in the Cineworlds in Glasgow and Edinburgh starting today. (See the Cineworld plot synopsis for more details.)

If it does well enough, it may be shown in more cinemas. Apparently, the opening weekend of a film is very important, so if you are in or around the area where it is being shown this weekend, why not go and support a Scottish film?

If you do go, post a comment to say what you thought of it.

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Duncan__ said...

Hope the film opening went well, David.

I missed your original post -- very interesting. I must admit that I have always found the peculiar editing conventions on Wikipedia somewhat daunting. Otherwise, I'd have shared the expertise which (as you say) everybody must have in some subject. :-)

David said...

Hello Duncan

...and of course you do have the advantage of working closely with a well known Roman general. :-)