Friday, November 07, 2008

Fun on Friday #8: Retro graphics

I'm a bit late again with my Fun on Friday but not because I was stuck for ideas. (I had two to choose from this week!) Lots of busyness at work and then a fireworks party at night.

So what's the fun this Friday? Well, a hint can be found in this Dilbert cartoon:

Fun though Dilbert is, he is just the introduction to the real fun:

Great fun, slightly easier to use than real etch-a-sketch (in my humble opinion) and doesn't suffer from the ghosting effect that you can see on an old Etch-a-Sketch. Surely,this is what the Internet was designed for!


Andy C said...

Excellent tool for relieving stress and procrastinating from that lesson plan I really should be working on, only joking David I just finished it, there’s only one problem you don't get the joy of trying to wipe the whole screen to see how the thing works. Also when I shake my monitor the screen doesn't clear what kind of backward tech is this!

David said...

True... I wonder if it would work on an iPhone? :-)