Thursday, February 19, 2009

TwtApps: Daft name? Great idea!

The twtApps site is really interesting. It describes itself as follows:
We develop simple, fun and useful twitter apps. Share them on Twitter, Facebook, email or any other social network. No accounts required.
And I think that sums it up better than anything I could write. I've had a quick play with a few of the tools on offer and I think they all show potential. The first one I tried was Twtvite - not an obvious name perhaps but it is an application that creates invitations to events and then tracks how many people say they intend to attend. Here's one I created earlier:

The next one I tried was twtPoll which lets you create simple, one question surveys. You can embed the question:

And then see the results.

The final application I tried was twtPets. You post a picture of your pet and invite people to vote for it. I posted a picture of Blue but unfortunately, he's not doing too well. :-(

What do you think? Any potential uses in school?

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