Friday, May 08, 2009

Fun on Friday #28: More Optical Illusions

A few optical illusions to puzzle over today. :-)

The picture used to illustrate this post is worth seeing at a larger size. It looks like a series of lines zig-zagging up the street but looking at it from a different angle shows just how clever it really is. More details of this illusion, plus many others can be found on the Dark Roasted Blend site and from the artist's own site.

Talking of dark roasted blends, I like the coffee bean photo on the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences Kid's Page. How long does it take you to find the face?

Also, to go back to artists paining illusions, I did enjoy this report of an Invisible Car.

And to finish, a 3D model to cut out and build (I do like practical build activities, see for example Fun on Friday #6: Paper Critters). This is a model of a small dragon whose head seems to follow you round the room. (This reminds me of a Pete and Dud sketch where they claimed you could tell a painting was good when the cherubs bottoms seem to follow you around the room... but perhaps that's a topic for a future Fun on Friday!)

Update: Nobody seems to have pulled me up for missing out the link to the 3D dragon model. I've added the link and trust me, it is well worth printing out and making. It amuses me every time I walk past it! If you build it, let me know what you make of it.

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