Thursday, January 21, 2010

I hate marking!

While I fully understand the importance of assessment and how valuable it is in learning, simply knowing this doesn't make the process of marking any more pleasant.

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Right now, I am knee deep in a pile of 3,500 word essays. Perhaps I'm getting punchy, I'm definitely getting tired, but I find myself grasping at any passing straw to make the process less painful. A recent exchange described by a History student will show you what I mean.

The student was introducing a topic on the Norman Conquests. Apparently (and I didn't know this) one of the reasons the Normans won was because they brought horses with them and therefore had a very effective cavalry. The student wanted the pupils to appreciate what a feat this was and to see just how difficult it would be to transport horses in the small ships they used at that time. The student was therefore pleased when a pupil said something like:
"The boat would be full of poo... unless they could train the horses to do it over the side!"
I was very amused by the mental picture this conjured up. I can just see the horses all lined up, with their hind quarters sticking out over the edge of the ship, while a trainer stands in front of them shouting: "Un... deux... trois... Poo!"

As I say, I have to take what small amusements I can as I continue the painful process of marking. :-)


Mosher said...

Simple solution to the marking problem - stop setting us assignments to do! :-p

Chris said...

Do you not set, receive and mark them online? Then at least you wouldn't be knee-deep, would you? ;-)

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