Friday, February 05, 2010

Fun on Friday #58: Lip Dub

I discovered a whole new world this week - one that I did not even know existed. Lip Dub. Mean anything to you?

I got there by a slightly circuitous route. Stick with me while I explain.

It started with an investigation of Glee. (If you have a teenage daughter, it's hard to avoid Glee.) I came across a flash mob viral advertising campaign for Glee:

In the passing, I think it's interesting that they have taken the Loser symbol of thumb and forefinger on forehead and turned it into a positive advertising symbol. Anyway, I found the video on the Transmedia site (I think a Twitter contact directed me to it). I had a look about the site and discovered the world of Lip Dub! I think this video shows what it's about better than I can explain it:

Stunningly brilliant - and done in a single take! My favourite bit is where the camerman is walking down the stairs and the students are popping up on the escalator.

If you read the post on Transmedia (New Youtube Craze: High School Students Re-dub Music Videos) it links you to a couple of other videos and there are loads out there from schools and colleges with people doing the same sort of thing. (I like the bit at the end of the Shorewood High School video where they act like they are on a roller coaster.)

Finally, I like this lip dub where a chap has gone to an Apple Store and records himself doing a lip dub to one of his own songs... on one of the demonstration laptops. Brilliant!

Do you know of any other lip dubs that I should watch? Has your school had a go?


Mark Pentleton said...

Not sure if it counts as we did it long before the concept of Lip Dubbing, but when I ran the Partners in Excellence project a few years back, we started a bit of a tradition that every year we filmed a bit of a song/dance on every activity we ran. This resulted in a music video featuring every student who had been involved in the project over the course of the year. We showed the final edited piece (massive edit job...!) at our annual film festival. The kids loved it and it really helped to make them all feel part of something.

We did Do-Re-Mi, then S Club 7's Reach, and the last one we did was another S Club 7 song, Bring it all back which is on YouTube:

Hope you like it!

David said...

Mark, that was brilliant. Every example I've watched so far seems to be full of young people having great fun.

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