Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sing For Your Education

I have long been an advocate of setting things to music to help you remember them. For example, I was never very good at French but can still (just about) sing Alouette and Sur le pont d'Avignon which I was first taught about forty years ago. More recently, I learned the Four Capacities thanks to a song written by one of my students:

Therefore, I was interested to hear on the radio this morning, that children were going to be taught songs to help them memorise "crucial historical facts". To be honest, I'm not sure what constitutes a "crucial" historical fact but more information can be found on the BBC news site and examples are posted on Sing Up's School Trip Singalong page.

No Scottish attractions so far though. Do you have any suggestions of Scottish historical songs that already exist or any you'd like to see written?


Alan said...

I bought Rapid Italian last year. To qupte the box "200+ essential words and phrases anchored into your long term memory with great music. Still haven't learned a single word or phrase but my singing is getting better<

David said...

Hello Alan

I look forward to hearing a performance next time I see you!

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