Saturday, August 21, 2010

Fun on Friday #78: Creative Destruction

After a reasonably good return from holiday with a post that generated lots of useful comments (ICT: Tell me everything I need to know!), I've failed to keep the momentum going and so I'm posting a Fun on Saturday this week... However, it's an interesting one that I hope you'll like as much as I do.

I posted a YouTube video on my music site (Rock and Roll!) which involved a 3D projection onto a castle. I thought it was brilliant. Once you start looking for them, there are a fair few examples of the same technique. I think this one raises the bar significantly:

I like the music on the Iron Man example better, and the crowd in this one seems strangely unimpressed, but the visual effects are stunning.

Do you know of any other good examples of this kind of thing?


Mosher said...

I'm teaching Digital Media Editing at my school at the moment. I've done a trawl following the "similar videos" list and bookmarked a handful. I think they'll go down well with the video section of the course. Shame we don't have the budget necessary to actually *do* one, but it's related to the syllabus!

David said...

I'm sure most pupils would enjoy tearing down the school... even if it was only virtually! You should get together with Techie and Art teachers to see what you can do with no budget. :-)

David said...

P.S. Any chance of sharing your "handful" of videos?

Mosher said...

Of course - here's a link to the playlist:

David said...

Thanks for the list Mosher.

It's that kind of prompt response to my merest whim that made you my favourite student last year!

Mosher said...

*blush* I bet you say that to all the boys

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