Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fun on Friday #83: Dance off

A report, or rather a video, from the Scottish Learning Festival seems appropriate.

From left to right we have Ollie Bray, a small child, Moby from Brain Pop and Derek Robertson (who once again demonstrates how he has the best job in the world!).

I believe Ollie cam last and that the small child beat Moby. However, I suspect that Derek's competitive spirit means that he will have given no quarter to the child; who looks to be a tenth of his age and his height. Can anyone confirm that Derek was willing to destroy all who stood in his way regardless of their age?


Chris said...

Note that the small child kept smiling and looking delightful throughout - a clear winner on that count! What a hoot! BTW - word verification is "kingun" - quite appropriate...

David said...

There is an interesting contrast between the smiling face of the wee girl and the look of grim determination (or desperation?) on the faces of the grown up. Brilliant fun!

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