Friday, July 08, 2011

Fun On Friday #117: I Can't Think Of Any Jokes

A song that is really just an excuse to tell a whole pile of jokes:

As Blindingham (AKA Alfred Williams - the performer and, I assume composer) says, "'Never mind the quality, feel the width' was very much my guiding principle with this one." I really like this approach: collect a whole pile of jokes and then sing them. Brilliant! (It's a technique I've used myself, for example, I once wrote a sketch for Sunday School which was really just an excuse to tell a whole load of "Doctor, doctor" jokes.) I like the out-takes at the end of the video too: "Too many words and not enough notes!"

Sad nerd that I am, I had a go at transcribing the lyrics. I think I got most of it but was completely stumped by the second last joke; anyone want to offer a suggestion?

At the end of the video, Mr Williams says that he'd better stop for everyone's sake. I beg to differ. I'd have been quite happy for him to keep going, for example he could have told the one about the blunt pencil, but I suppose it would have been pointless. If you can't help with the missing lyric, perhaps you could suggest further additions to the song.

{This is a partial cross-post from Feedback, my music blog. If you are interested in downloading the track, the Feedback blog shows you where to get it!}

{P.S. Thanks to the Mitch Benn Podcast for brining this track to my attention.}

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