Friday, August 19, 2011

Fun On Friday #119: Webify Me

I downloaded and installed the latest version of Firefox and followed a link to their Webify Me page. It claims to let you...
See your Internet as a custom collage.
Here's a picture of my collage:

You can click on the graphic to see an interactive version that explains what all the different parts represent. To be honest, I think it's more than a little off in places. Specifically, it has me down as a "Gear Head" as represented by a car magazine! Nah! Not even close.

Have a go yourself, post a link in a comment and let me know how close you think it got to you.


Amanda Wilson said...

Interesting. Here's my link

So so yes i'm a geek (as if we didnt kown that) Definitely not a party animal or someone who lives for the unknown.

I am someone though who does tend to multi "knife" so to speak. Even while writing this post still checking tweets etc.

Sonu Gupta said...

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