Friday, October 07, 2011

Fun On Friday #124: Crazy Paper Thing

Now I must admit, I haven't tried making this yet but really, the question is "When?" rather than "If"!

If you make it before I do, take a picture and post the link here.


Christine McIntosh said...

Sorry - this is a tad irrelevant, but ... was it you who once upon a time recommended an app for making your photos look like a Van Gogh painting? My iMac has had a brain transplant and I’ve lost it – and can’t remember its name.

David said...

Hello Mrs McIntosh

I don't think I recommended anything... but Google told me GIMP has a Van Gogh filter. And who am I to doubt Google? See

Christine McIntosh said...

Thanks, David - tho' I don't recall its being called that! I'm downloading right now, though, and will check it out.

msjb said...

I've made this before and use it for vocabulary practice. It's very fun and students of all ages are amazed!

David said...

Hello MSJB

"fun" and "amazing" I can see... but you manage to squeeze a vocabulary lesson out of it - I'm impressed!

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