Saturday, May 05, 2012

Fun On Friday #145: Make your own guitar

The genesis of today's post was a link that drifted past from one of my facebook contacts titled Stunning 3D-Printed Guitars Will Blow You Away [PICS]... and "stunning" barely does it justice. It lead to a post on Mashable that has pictures and a description of guitars created by a 3D printing process. (For all my nerd readers, the process is called selective laser sintering.)

More detail, and some bigger pictures, can be found on the ODD site - a site with the tagline: "Strange stuff you just want". And want it I do. Although, at $3000 New Zealand dollars, I can want it as much as I like while knowing I'm not going to get it! The Spider is spectacular but I think I'd prefer the Atom.

Much as I would love to have a go at printing my own guitar, I doubt anyone will give me a 3D printer to play with but perhaps I could find something a bit more low tech...

And in fact, I found something that fitted the bill perfectly... and I found it by accident. I hadn't bookmarked the 3D Printed Guitar page and when I went to look for it, I found the Paper Guitar website instead.

It has to be said that the paper guitars on this website do not look like are easy to make but they do give detailed instructions along with the paper plans. I fancy having a go at the Les Paul Custom Black. (If you are asked for a password, enter paperguitar.)

If you think that's too difficult and the 3D printed guitar is too expensive, my final offering is instructions on how to make a guitar out of a shoebox and elastic bands.

Remember to post pictures if you have a go at any of these projects.

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