Saturday, October 27, 2012

CASScot12: Steven Grier Microsoft

Partners in Learning CPD Check out the ten guys in a lift video.

News later about a competition for schools.

Showed XBox Kinect video which talked about how people took the KInect and used it in ways they just didn't expect. For example, in the video an example was shown of a boy with motor difficulties seeing the joints and muscles in his leg as he moved it to gain points depending on how far he moved it.

Dreamspark is a way that Microsoft provides free access to a range of technologies. For example Windows Phone Development Centre.

Windows Azure Educator: cloud services. Grants are available to make it available in schools.

Competition for schools: The KoduKup. (Launched January 2013?) Individuals or small teams can enter. Three different areas: recreate a classic arcade game; the environment (applications that have an environmental aspect); and the exploration of Mars.

Glow Academies: multi-vendor, industry certification; Glow Ltd. School based social enterprise focused on technology and app development; Partners in Learning - worldwide CPD network for teachers and free tools for teaching.

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