Monday, March 28, 2005

Bloglines to the rescue?

Bloglines say they have reset my feed, but I still do not see any of my recent posts. Is it working yet?


Stephen said...

Showed up on bloglines OK.

David said...

Whew! Thanks Stephen.

Now here's the problem. Do I assume the feed stopped working because of the duff characters in my blog entries (thank you Microsoft Word!) and risk re-installing trackback, or do I work on the "if it aint broke..." principle?

Stupid question... I can't resist tinkering! I'll try again with trackback later today. :-)

Stephen said...

I'm not sure bloglines has been all that reliable the last few days. There were a number of blogs that were clealry being added to but were not showing up in bloglines. However, on Monday it suddenly shovelled the whole lot out at once.

Word does have problems e.g. don't use quotes. I have reverted to a simple text editor for blog posts to avoid the problem.