Thursday, July 14, 2005

Research Blog: Wednesday Night or Thursday Morning

Wheelie Bin
Wheelie Bin,
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On our street the bin men come on a Thursday. British English: Bin Men. American English: Garbage Men? Glasgow English: Midgie Men. :-) The question is, when do you put the bin outside for the bin men to pick up? Some people do it on Wednesday night. Our neighbour across the street puts hers out on a Wednesday morning! However, I almost always put mine out on Thursday morning, usually at the last possible minute. On one occasion during the holidays I forgot it was bin day and I had to pull my jeans on over my pyjamas and go chasing after the bin lorry with my wheelie bin in tow.
I work to deadlines... and sometimes I miss. (As Douglas Adams said. "I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.") This has been the main problem with my failure thus far to complete my MEd. In a flush of enthusiasm I did a lot of work on it a couple of years ago. I collected loads of data, did interviews with students and started writing up... and then I ran out of time, got distracted and everything stopped. I eventually got back to my supervisor a couple of weeks ago and hoped I could go ahead with the data I had. I hoped I'd get away with it but didn't really believe I would. I was right, my supervisor didn't believeI'd get away with it either.
Sad smiley
So, somewhat belatedly, I have started collecting more data and hope to start setting up interviews tomorrow. I am at the stage of pulling on my jeans and I am about to start chasing the midgie men. I'll blog some more about my data collection next time I get some blog time.



Peter Konnecke said...

In Sydney Australia they are called "Garbo's" and in our suburb Garbo's come on Wednesday mornings at 8am (just to avoid waking people too early) :-)

David said...

Hello Peter

Thanks for the comments. "Garbos" makes them sound quite nice. I could see myself making friends with a Garbo... whereas a Midgie Man sounds most unattractive to my way of thinking. :-)