Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Show me, don't tell me

I have tried both Furl and and, mostly because of the way it makes it easy to tag sites, I prefer Jim Wenzloff has created a really nice guide to Furl, but I couldn't find a print equivalent for, so I wrote my own.

For what it is worth, you can download my Delicious_Guide which is strongly based on Jim's guide. I'm not happy with its title or the front page - all suggestions will be gratefully received. Let me know what you think.

Update Oops! The first posting of this guide had a typo on the first line of the first page! It's fixed now but I still feel silly.

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New update: I've edited my guide and re-posted the new version. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...


I printed out your guide to I wish more educators would share guides they create. Thanks for creating it and thanks for giving me a credit.


Alicia said...

I think you have a great guide. I like that you start out with the benefits (some specifically for teachers) for using I think that is very important. Someone on the discussion list said one con of the guide is that it highlights internet explorer. I found that interesting. When I was soliciting comments for my screencasts, someone commented that I should not focus on firefox or at least showcase more browsers. If anyone wants to see my screencasts, the links can be found here:

John Johnston said...

Another thanks David,
I found you here via
but have sat in your classes at Jordanhill from time to time.

As to furl vs I can't makeup my mind so I uses a bookmarklet tool from:
Site Submission MultiTool- Alan's Marklet Maker
That allows you to post to both (and more) at once.

David said...

Thanks to all three of you for your comments.
To Jim: You are more than welcome. Thanks for sharing your work in the first place.

To Alice: I saw your screencasts and was well impressed. You are clearly much more ambitious/brave than me. As to the IE/Firefox thing... I produced a guide that suited my needs and then made it available under a Creative Commons licence. It would be realatively straightforward to produce a customised version if anybody wanted to do a Firefox/non-Bloglines version. So far I like my version better than the versions others haven't produced. :-) P.S. I would still like to know how you get the books you are reading bit into your blog.

To John: Long time no see! For a change I didn't bump into you at SETT last year... Thanks for the links and for the knid comments.

Alicia said...

I posted information on how I got the pictures into my blog here . Enjoy!

Mrs. Youngblood said...

I finally found an easier way to do this...I now use my "portable firefox" and simply slip it into the USB port. It does not fully run java scrips, but they do have an open office portable too. Now if I can only figure out what a "root directory" is...