Monday, September 26, 2005

It's official: I hate blogger. :-)

I have just spent much longer than I should have putting to gether a blog entry on this holiday Monday. Three times now as I have hit the Save as Draft button, Blogger has chosen to ask me to log in (again) and lost everything I had just typed instead of doing what it says on the tin! I am not pleased and their technichal help people are about to get an email from an upset user.

If I eventually calm down enough, I'll have another go. :-(


PaulZag said...

I use an online forum that does this. I learned to hit ctrl+a then ctrl+c before hiting save or post. Copy all to the clipboard then if I lose it I can post it again.

David said...

Backup? What backup!? :-)

You would think I'd learn. After it did it to me twice, I still failed to do something sensible like copy to clipboard.

Thanks for the advice. Now for the tricky bit - remembering to do it. :-)