Thursday, March 02, 2006

Ask and you will receive

As Ewan has pointed out in his comment, this was a blank post. I'm taking Ewan's response as a request for content... he asked, he receives!

This post was a mistake. I was doing a talk today and decided to copy Ewan's trick of interviewing people as they come into a lecture and then putting their photos and audio content into the presentation. I almost pulled it off (I ran out of time, so had to play the audio from iTunes rather than editing out the bits I didn't want and playing directly from Powerpoint).

The photo bit did work though. The unfortunate thing is that my phone has bluetooth and infrared, but my laptop doesn't! That's why I ended up with a blank post here. To get the pictures into Powerpoint, I emailed them from my phone to Flickr. The problem was that I forgot I'd started a moblog entry on my phone, just to see if it worked, but had never got around to entering any text. When I sent the photos, I accidentally sent the blank moblog entry too. Oops!

So, since Ewan had commented, I thought I'd explain myself and create an entry rather than just delete the mistake.

Hopefully I'll write a post on what I was talking about soon.


Ewan McIntosh said...

Yes please. (did you mean this to be a blank post?)

Ewan McIntosh said...

Well, I now have a lesson in what to do when my computer's bluetooth is playing up!