Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Playing with words

I have written before in this blog about some of the fun things you can do with photographs and websites like Flickr. (And I have had it in mind for ages to write another EduFlickr piece on a fun Flickr site... maybe next week.) However, thanks to Ollie Bray I found this site which allows you to generate newspaper clippings, like this:

Fake newspaper clipping

You can also generate clapper boards and animated talking tomatoes and... well go and have a look for yourself. However, where I really lost my way was when I moved from the newspaper site to the The Generator Blog. There are more links to software for generating fun images on this blog than you can shake a stick at!

Two of my favourites are The Dummies Book Cover (which I found on the Custom Sign Genrator list):

...and the Warning Sign Generator:
Have fun with these, and let me know when, and where you use them.

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Christine McIntosh said...

Dammit, David - I wasted half an hour of sleep-time on these! ;-)

Paul Wilkinson said...

Half an hour of sleep! I've just wasted an hour of 'work' time :) Thanks for these tips David these are great!

Anonymous said...

Glad you liked the link David - I love the Dummies book generator. I'm going to use it in a school board presentation this evening! See you soon, Ollie

ab said...

David - you need to stop giving such good links - I'm never going to get any work done now!

David said...

Chris: I too am impressed that you held it to half an hour. I was supposed to be writing a module descriptor last night but got completely sidetracked!

Paul: Glad you found them useful. I was impressed by the Vyew link from your blog. Various possible uses are already beginning to suggest themselves...

Ollie: School Boards for Dummies... or Bored of School Dummies... Thank you for getting me to the newspaper link in the first place.

Andrew: Work... work? Yes, I remember work. It's what I used to do before I got completely distracted by technology. :-)

Tess Watson said...

Nice one! going to have to use the dummies theme. lol :)