Thursday, October 05, 2006

What's the frequency Kenneth?

You may have spotted a few comments on some of my recent posts from Kenneth. I found them to be interesting and helpful. Well Kenneth has now started his own blog. Why not pop over and say hello. I'm not sure how frequently he intends to make a post, but I'm looking forward to reading what he has to say.

Warning: Before you go and visit, I feel I should warn you that there are gratuitous references to Barry Manilow, so the blog should probably carry a Parental Guidance certificate. :-)

It does however give me an excuse to re-purpose an old joke...

originally uploaded by e.dward
A man approaches the manager of a record shop. {Records are those big, black musical discs that old people still insist sound better than CDs... I told you it was an old joke.} He says the the manager, "I wish to make a complaint about the categories you've used to organise your discs."
I'm sorry to hear that sir.", says the manager, "What seems to be the trouble?".
"Well...", says the man, "I don't consider Barry Manilow to be easy listening."

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1 comment:

Gordon McKinlay said...

The old ones are the best! Good to hear Kenny has joined the ranks of the deranged who spend far too many hours doing this stuff!