Saturday, January 20, 2007

Derek Disgraces David!

We had the last of the big ICT lectures for the PGDE(S) course at Jordanhill on Friday. We had three sets of guest speakers.

First up was Jan Pollock and Neil Stewart talking about Glow. I found this very interesting because they were showing examples of what Glow will look like and showing us some of the things produced by the pilot projects. For a long time Glow/SSDN sounded like a good idea. It is now beginning to look like something that could be used. My only slight concern is that it is an intranet. A major advantage of the Read/Write web is its global reach. There is a danger that

we could shut ourselves off in a wee Scottish corner. However, I think people in Glow are aware of this and I hope they find a way to balance the security of a controlled, closed, intranet (desirable to reduce child protection concerns) with the value of access to a world of experience through the World Wide Web.

Next up was Nick Morgan talking about LTScotland's range of online services. I use their website a fair bit, but it was great to be reminded about just how much stuff they have up there... and to hear a bit about some future developments.

Derek demonstrates
Derek demonstrates,
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Finally, Derek Robertson talked about the Consolarium and more generally about games in education. He was great at de-bunking some myths but, more importantly, arguing the positive case for the use of games in education. If you remain unconvinced, head over to his blog post, The Consolarium visits Jordanhill, where you can download his presentation which has a load of links for further investigation. Unfortunately, the machine in the lecture hall wouldn't play any YouTube clips but if you download his presentation, hopefully you will see them in all their glory.

So why is this post called Derek Disgraces David? Well Derek challenged me to a head-to-head on Guitar Hero II. He chose a stunning track - YYZ, from the greatest band in the world but despite my adopting a classic rock stance and raising the goblet of rock before starting, I was exceptionally bad! Thankfully, when it became clear how bad I was, he stopped the tune before it was finished... but I had already been humiliated in front of the students! In my defence, can I point out that my only previous experience was having a couple of goes in Debenhams. Let this be an object lesson on the importance of rehearsal! For a change, I had remembered to bring a camera... but forgot to bring fresh batteries, so unfortunately there is no photographic evidence of my performance. :-(

As before, the lecture was videoed so you can watch all three presentations in all their glory. Jan and Neil are at the start (obviously), Nick starts about 43 minutes into the video and Derek takes over about 58 minutes in.

And if you want to see my public humiliation... the Guitar Hero slot starts around the 1 hour 30 minutes mark.

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Gordon McKinlay said...

The video is great. It seems a pity that there were only 8 people at the lecture!

Any way of getting the video in a non streaming form?

OllieBray said...

Just watched the video. There is some great information here. Some really interesteing stuff on GLOW.

I bet your pleased that Derek didn’t bring his Wii with him and beat you in a virtual sword fight!

Derek said...

I chose that song because it was one of your favourites David! A trip to the Consolarium is required I think in order for you to further hone your skills. I mean, you had the opportuniuty to develop your skills in Debenhams whereas when do I get the chance to play games?;-)

Neil Winton said...

And Lo... the great YYZ challenge is set out for SETT in September...

Do you think there's any chance of getting Roll The Bones included in Guitar Hero 3?

David said...


Don't be silly... I can see nine people. :-)


It was good to see a bit more meat on the Glow bones. Also good to see some of the reassurances given in the comments on your blog (Latest GLOW News and Games in Education) about the closed/open nature of the discussion forums.


It is indeed one of my favourites and I wouldn't let you talk me into anything else. (In fact one of the students caught me air drumming to that track just a couple of days before the lecture.) I thoroughly enjoyed myself and hope to have another go at Guitar Hero soon.


You're on. :-) Hopefully I'll get a chance to have at least one more practice before SETT. However, my vote would be for Closer to the Heart. (As a true Rush fan, you may already know why a Glaswegian would go for that particular track. If I ever get around to the "5 things you don't know about me" challenge, other people may find out the reason too.)