Monday, January 29, 2007

EduFlickr: A photo a day...

...keeps the inspector away?

10/365: The fryPod
10/365: The fryPod,
originally uploaded by DavidDMuir
In my last EduFlickr post, EduFlickr: A good year for the poses..., I talked about my recent addiction to taking a photo every day for a year and I suggested that this might make an interesting project for schools. Well Barbara has taken up the challenge (see A Flickr Activity/Challenge- Are you in?) and is well on the way to setting up an international photo a day project for schools.

She hopes to start on the 5 February, but if you read this entry after that date, I expect she'll be happy to welcome latecomers too. Have a look at the wiki she set up (Planning for a Photo a Day), make a contribution and join in. The more, the merrier. :-)

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Ruby said...

This is a great idea. In fact, I've been musing about using flickr in various ways with young learners - but then I checked the "rules" and it seems that under-18s can only sign up for flickr if a parent opens the account. Have I missed an important bit about using it for education?
I was very disappointed :-(((

David said...

I think the bit you are referring to is:

"For this reason, parents of children under the age of 13 who wish to allow their children access to the Service must create a Yahoo! Family Account. When you create a Yahoo! Family Account and add your child to the account, you certify that you are at least 18 years old and that you are the legal guardian of the child/children listed on the Yahoo! Family Account."

Which means it isn't a problem for most secondary students. However, for most of the uses I have been thinking about, the Flickr account will be opened and maintained by the teacher. It will be the teacher therefore that checks the pictures being posted are legal, decent and honest etc. So, I don't see this is a major problem. Most schools have an Acceptable Use Policy of some sort (although I suspect most will need updated to cope with emerging web applications and social networks). As long as the use is structured, supervised and safe I don't see there is a problem

Barbara said...

Dear David and Ruby,
First Ruby, good point. I had envisioned it working as David describes. The teacher will maintain the account. I hope you will be able to join us... as David say the more the merrier!
David this is getting really exciting...I can hardly wait to start. Can you weigh in on the name and the challenges? Thanks for the idea and all of the support and encouragement.

Ruby said...

Hi - you're right - it is 13. But, as you say, if the teacher is doing the uploading and managing, then it should be OK. I'm in! I'll see if some of my current students doing "TESOL for young learners" like to join us - we are in the process of experimenting with the uses of technology for teaching English language and I've got a flickr group (can you see that without being a member of the group?). Not much there so far ... I'd like to consider the narratives angle; narratives are really good for language work with young learners.