Thursday, February 01, 2007

Five things you may not know about me

This meme was doing the rounds during the Christmas holidays. I was tagged at least four times (by Chris, John, Steve and Theo - if I've missed anyone, please let me know) but I fell off the blog wagon during the holidays and I've been feeling guilty about not responding since I climbed back on in January.

I found this a difficult task to complete. I suspect that when you talk for a living, you end up telling people most things about yourself that you are willing to tell. :-) However, hopefully most of the things here are new to most of my readers.
  1. My first dog, DougalMy first memory is of going to get a dog when I was about three and a half. I distinctly remember the puppy licking my neck and my dad saying, "He knows his new owner!" However, when I recounted this story at a family do recently, nobody else remembered it. Maybe I just made it up. The dog's name was Dougal, a mongrel, and he was the stupidest dog I have ever known. I'm talking unbelievably, utterly dim.

  2. When I was a toddler (not sure about my age) I fell downstairs. The fall didn't hurt, but when I was being checked over because of the fall, they found something else that required an operation to sort. I therefore have a small scar that I was vaguely proud of while growing up even though I never showed it to anyone.

  3. My wife is the only person who can tickle me.

  4. In the words of Fran from Black Books, "I must be musical. I've got hundreds of CDs!" And yet, all the evidence appears to be the contrary. So far I have failed to learn to play the bugle, the trumpet (well I was allowed to sit with the second trumpets in the school brass band but I think that's because they were too embarrassed to put me outside the hall), the side drum (for the school pipe band), the guitar and the harmonica. I want to fail to learn the guitar again but wasn't able to convince my family to buy me a guitar and lessons for my Christmas and/or birthday.

  5. I like to sleep with my nose facing the open end of the pillowslip. {See? I'm really scraping the bottom of the barrel now.}
Well, I was asked and (eventually) I delivered. I'm not sure that it really tells you anything new about me but it's all you're going to get.

It is so long since this meme was circulating that I am too embarrassed to tag anyone else. However, if you read this, and want to have a go, be my guest. Just leave a comment to let me that know you've responded. :-)

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Chris said...

Gosh. Does it make up for your procrastination to know that I'm reading this and responding from Santa Cruz, California?