Friday, June 08, 2007

Help Wanted

Gandalf and Legolas
Gandalf and Legolas
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This is not my usual kind of post... but I'm looking for help.

I had an idea to do a bit of animation with some action figures which I'll post to TeacherTube if I ever manage to do it. Not having any myself (...well not enough from a single set) I asked daughter number 2 if she could ask her friend's wee brother (are you still following this?) for a loan of some of his figures. He came up trumps. I was looking for six or seven figures from the same series - superheroes or film characters. He gave me over a dozen from Lord of the Rings. Brilliant!

I put them in a box to keep them safe and left the box on the table to take to work. However, while having my morning shower, the dogs were left unsupervised for a while. One of them, I suspect Blue, managed to pull the box off the table and when daughter number two came down the stairs, the dogs were happily chewing both box and figures. Disaster! (Interestingly, the Orcs seem to have taken the most damage - see Orc 1 and Orc 2. Obviously the boys know who the baddies are.)

Orc 1
Orc 1
Originally uploaded
by DavidDMuir.
Help! So now I'm asking for your help. Does anyone recognise this style of figure? (I took a biggish picture of Gandalf and Legolas which may help with identification.) Even better, can anyone point me in the direction of a UK supplier so I can buy replacements? The fate of the ring bearer figure is in your hands. :-)

I have done a Crimewatch style reconstruction as a Story in Five Frames for the Flickr group. Please watch this reconstruction in case it jogs your memory!

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Kenneth... said...

Lead Actors Mauled By Dogs

These are minimates from Art Asylem.

You can pick them up online from amazon/ebay/ and other online toy sites. You might also want to try Forbidden Planet and some local toy shops.

Hope this helps

David said...

Thanks Kenneth

The trouble now seems to be that the toys are about three years old, so finding somewhere that still sells them is tricky. I think eBay is probably my best bet but I must admit, I hadn't thought of Forbidden Planet. I'll give them a go today.

Anonymous said...

Hi David
I'm trying to stop laughing since my dog has a thing for Harry Potter lego. Since you work at Jordanhill (I assume you still do) I would ask the students there'll be a few lord of the rings fans among them. I would also go for ebay or contact someone from Brick Tales etc. see if they could help?
Lynne Lewis