Monday, June 04, 2007

Who's afraid of wireless networks?

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Following the Panorama program on the "dangers" of wi-fi various people blogged about it and most of the ones I read said, "Stuff and nonsense!" For example, Ewan (inevitably) had something sensible to say in Why question Wifi? A rundown of literature. The topic of wi-fi was on the agenda of the recent SICTDG meeting and a number of good links were suggested:
Most of the local authorities in Scotland were represented at this meeting and a few had prepared a response in case the Panarama program sparked off a lot of concerns among parents. However, the consensus was that there had been little interest in the issue. Councillors in one authority had asked a few questions but no one else at the meeting could report having a single enquiry from anyone else. Not one contact! It seems that Scottish parents are considerably more relaxed (and more informed?) than the Panorama team!

However, it only seems fair to give a link to the counter-argument. So here is The Truth About Wireless Devices webpage, which I think you'll agree gives a careful and rational report on the dangers of wi-fi. If, after reading this alternative viewpoint, you are at all concerned, can I suggest that you put on a tin foil hat and sing this song. Altogether now:
I've got my tin foil hat on.
Hip, hip, hip, hooray!
My tin foil hat will save me
From your mind destroying ray...

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