Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Email beats telephone

I heard on the radio tonight that email has taken over from the telephone as the main form of business communication in the UK. Interesting? I think so and wanted to hear more but I can't find out any more information. Does anyone know the source of a report that can confirm this?

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stuck_in_the_middle said...

David... have resurrected my blog. Glad to see yours is still going strong. Will make every effort not to neglect it!

Barbara said...

Hi David...
It was great to meet Ewan and BLC...made me feel a step closer to meeting you! I am thinking about doing the phot thing with Vooice thread this year...Thanks for helping me get going last year.
In the meantime I am tagging you with a meme that came while I was on vacation...

David said...

Hello Ms In_the_middle

Good to see you back.

Hello Barabara

Thanks for the tag. (Should be read with a sarcastic tone in your head!) I'll have a think and see what I can do.