Saturday, August 11, 2007

YouTube (Again) and Facebook

At the entrance
At the entrance,
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Now, I may be doing YouTube a disservice, it is possible that they have improved since I last wrote about their failure to respond to teachers who brought evidence of bullying videos to their attention. However I read with interest the fuss about advertisers withdrawing their support from Facebook over some of the content on that service. This BBC report also says something about advertisers and YouTube. I wonder if YouTube responds more quickly to advertisers than to teachers?

To end on a more positive note, I think it is interesting that the Scottish Learning Festival is on Facebook. (I still like SETT better than SLF - at least you can pronounce SETT... and the web address still ends in sett!) The SLF Facebook venture seems to be just one of the social networking tools they will be using to support and promote the event. It should be interesting.

I've already signed up to Facebook and told it I'm attending. It is already fascinating (for my standard geek definition of fascinating) to see who else is coming (I recognise a lot of Scots Edubloggers in there), to see the international interest it is already generating and to see the network of "friends" grow as more people come on board.

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