Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Oops, they did it again!

BBC NEWS | Politics | UK's families put on fraud alert

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"Two computer discs holding the personal details of all families in the UK with a child under 16 have gone missing."
It seems ironic that as I try to teach my children the importance of looking after their private data (e.g. no real names on Bebo, don't display email/birthday/location/etc.) the government misplace the personal details of 25 million people - including my daughters' data!

And this is the same government that says we can trust them with our data for their identity cards idea!

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theok said...

Good point; David - CDs? Thought CDs were only used by to distribute demo/free software with computer magazines nowadays.

They might have been better off keeping the data on Zoho Creator! And its free!!!!

Bob Hill said...

Why on earth was a junior official even able to download the file?